I once allowed for reviews, and had quite a few glowing ones.
I understand how they allow you to have confidence seeing me, and being assured that I am as advertised.
But after becoming more familiar with the major reviews sites, I have chosen to have a no review policy.
Did you know, that the major review sites actually edit their reviews?
This means, that a woman like me could be given a 10/10 by a gentleman who saw me
but because the review was not graphic enough, or because the reviewer did not wish for a overly porn-star like time with me, the admin on the review site itself will adjust the review to a 7/10?
Let me rephrase that. I could give you the most delightful experience, all that you wished for. And when you reviewed me and our time together on TER, if you did not include PSE activities, if you did not mention certain acts, they will automatically adjust the review to a 7/10 or 8/10. TER works on a point system, that for every graphic activity (over and above a normal GFE) they allow a point. A very sweet, intimate time together, one that made you feel in heaven, cannot by their terms be a 10/10 or even a 9/10 or 8/10.
I do not encourage reviews for this reason. I think it sets up a standard where women are encouraged to go above and beyond their comfort levels, just to receive a positive review. And as a client, it encourages embellishment of the review, so that your favorite provider can enjoy a good reputation.
It is also very misleading. I mean, even the most seasoned hobbiests do not understand that The Erotic Review works this way. Until they change their policies, you will not find me listed on that website.
I hope that you will gain comfort from my web presence, by mentions in articles and interviews, that I am legitimate.  My photos are accurate, to mislead you would only be an embarrassment, as you are free to leave if you do not like my looks or feel mislead. But lastly that I believe in the utmost in privacy and discretion, honesty and integrity among providers, ad boards and clients alike. TER, please change your misogynistic practices. And if you feel moved...please take the time to email them and ask that they do so

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