Make A Connection

Dinner downtown? A rendezvous chez-moi?  Say hello!

Email subject as "Hello Beverly"

  • Please begin by telling me a bit about yourself.  My objective is to have a mutually fulfilling and fun time together, so it helps to know a bit about you and your interests, or any special requests you might have.
  • Please tell me when you are interested in seeing me, and if possible, give me a few time and dates that work for you.

I will email my full month schedule for your needs.

Cancellation – If unfortunately you need to cancel our date for unforeseen reasons, please email me 2 hours in advance.
If unfortunately you don't like me physically, cancellation fee is 2000 BAHT (fortunately that doesn't happen to me yet)
Thank you for understanding.

If you want to get to know me, we can always email each other and get to know each other to make you feel comfortable, before your plan dates or arrival in Bangkok.