Everything you'll read on this site has been personally written by me, and every image you see offers an intimate snapshot of who I am.

I click best with a gent who is just as thoughtful in his correspondence and who places equal value in what the camera hides as in what is reveals.

I am quite different from your average companion or call girl. I am not interested in transactional experiences. I like to keep a few close friends who are interested in genuine, fun, stress free, on going meetings that inspire: meeting a few times a year, or a few times per month. I want to share not only intimacy but ideas, stories, affection.
Right now I am open to meeting new friends.

My body is all natural from tip to toe, and I tend towards a 'sexy secretary' vibe while we're out on the town. 

About me: 

  • My hair is naturally a darkish brown and soft long that are also god-given silky.
  • I'm university educated with a focus in the social sciences,  international studies, and languages. 
  • Ask me about duos! I have a long list of beautiful girlfriends who would love to join us for an evening escape.

BASICS:  5'5"  •  48KG  •  34-23-34C  •  AGE: 24 

My personal background is a mix of Spanish and Chinese charm. I'm rather worldly for my age, I probably didn't witness most of your cultural references first hand, but I'm wise beyond my years and over-educated enough to fully appreciate them ;) 

Often smiling... I am the sort of woman that creates a stir wherever I go. Hip, artistic, bohemian.

My personality is pleasure-seeking, warm, fun and candid, with an innate ability to read your wants and unspoken needs. I laugh often and easily. I can be silly, I can be serious at times. I am looking for those who wants to treat themselves to some laughter, wit, eroticism and affection, without any stresses or entanglements. I have lived and traveled in quite a lot of places, yet ultimately, I am teaching and reflecting to myself to be down to earth.

With a sensuality so thick you could spread it on toast.
If what I am sharing with you strikes a chord, if you are looking to add someone to your life, for a night to begin with, and possibly, on going...

I would invite you to contact me.

I welcome clients who are young at heart and old of soul, all shapes and sizes, races, religions, and abilities (sexual, physical, or otherwise). I'm open to all levels of sexual experience, diverse desires, and life backgrounds. If you're curious about spending time with a bright and engaging young woman, and perhaps this is your first foray into this world (or if this isn't your first rodeo).

Since I'm traveling quite a bit these days, it's always best to get in touch well ahead of time to arrange a rendezvous. If you've just arrived at BKK and shudder at the thought of eating another club sandwich alone at the hotel bar, send me a detailed email and we'll see what we can do.  

I'm practical *in all the ways my shoes are not ;)  
Until we meet.